Planning Permission Details for Romford

Planning permission in Romford (London Borough of Havering) comes under Havering Council. It takes into account the Local Plan that was adopted in 2018. Under this plan, the planning permissions and regulations are decided.

When is planning permission required?

Planning permission is required whenever you want to:

  • Build something new in Romford be it a house or a building.
  • Add a major portion to your building such as extension or parking area.
  • Change the major purpose of your building such as developing house into an office.
  • Make any change to a building that comes in statutory list under Planning Act for listed buildings and conservation areas.

There are many conservation areas in Romford. Other major areas where you need to take planning permission include a National Park, an area of outstanding natural beauty, a World Heritage site and the Norfolk or Suffolk Broads. If it is just a minimal change, no planning permission is required. However, many permitted development rights have been removed under Article 4, so you might want to look into that.

How to apply for planning permission?

The most convenient way to apply for planning permission is Planning Portal. The online application goes through five steps. These include:

  • Registering the application
  • Getting a notification
  • Application advertisement by government
  • Application consideration by government
  • Final decision regarding the application

All of these steps take around eight to thirteen weeks depending upon the complexity of the planning permission.

How much do you need to pay?

Applying for planning permission requires a fee. Under Financial Transaction Service 2018, the service charges for applying for a permission planning can range from £20- £200+ excluded value added tax (VAT). Therefore, you need to pay this fee in order to register your application and get the approval.

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